Welcome to Mission Pacific Fiji!

Mission Pacific is a recycling program that was initiated by Coca-Cola Amatil (Fiji) Pte Ltd (CCAF) in 1999.  Since its commencement, the program has shown incremental growth from 100 tons of PET bottles and cans recycled annually to 200+ tons since.

Recognizing the importance of recycling and in pursuit of the companies’ social responsibility goals, Motibhai Group & Natural Waters of Viti also signed up with the Mission Pacific recycling program. Sprint and Fiji Water PET bottles make up an estimated 15% of the PETs recycled annually.

Mission Pacific’s Recycling Program operates out of CCAF’s offices in Suva, Lautoka and Labasa commonly referred to as the Bottle Buy Back centers.  Bottles and cans are collected by members of the general public as well as representatives from the local municipalities. PET bottles and cans brought in for recycling are exchanged for cash.  Every bottle and aluminium can of our range can be returned for 5 cents (or 2.5 cents if pickup is arranged by the program).

Mission Pacific has seen a steady growth each year with more individuals, schools, towns and municipalities joining the program in their bid to do their part for the environment.

Give your bottles and cans another life by bringing them to the Mission Pacific bottle buy back center. When you’re done, your bottles and cans are not.